• Philanthropy Today



    Philanthropy is a powerful and long-standing tradition in the United States. In fact, generous Americans last year contributed more than $358 billion to nearly 1.5 million public charities to improve life for others. In current dollars this number has increased 12-fold over 40


    Client: The Actors' Gang, Tim Robbins, Artistic Director

  • Opportunity


    The next four decades will witness an extraordinary “generational wealth transfer.” Research from Boston College tells us that a conservative estimate of $48 trillion will move from one generation to the next by 2061 (originally published in 1999 and updated


    Client: CicLAvia, Open Streets Event

  • Challenge

    While the “gifting” side of this equation is highly robust and growing rapidly, the “accepting” side is in trouble. Turnover, burnout, inconsistent training and long vacancies in nonprofit fundraising positions are at a record high. In 2013, two national studies revealed that nonprofit development is a field in crisis.


    Client: Heal the Bay, Beach Clean-up

  • Solution

    How can we begin to turn this challenge around?

    Donors enter nonprofit organizations through various means. They buy tickets at theaters, become members of museums, visit attractions at parks, become grateful patients in hospitals, sponsor friends walking, running, riding to support various diseases and causes, etc .


    Client: Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association