Laura Ferretti
Strategic Counsel


Laura Ferretti’s Impact Philanthropy builds more effective nonprofit organizations through strategic planning, fundraising advising, and executive search services as well as by providing grantmaking counsel to family foundations. Founded in 2000, Impact Philanthropy has partnered with local, national, and international organizations with an approach that is results- oriented making clear the connection between mission and money, and the respective roles that staff and Board members play in building resilient organizations.

Laura Ferretti’s community philanthropy experience brings together strategy and impact. A cum laude graduate of Smith College, Laura also holds an MBA from The Anderson School at UCLA and began her career working for a Washington D.C.-based Presidential Commission and national foundation. Laura went on to hold senior fundraising positions at the Fulfillment Fund and United Way of Greater Los Angeles, both nationally known organizations undergoing significant change during her tenure. She has firsthand knowledge of building diversified revenue streams, growing individual giving, and engaging Board members and staff in fundraising to achieve organizational goals.

Laura is also the President of the Los Angeles Chapter of Advisors in Philanthropy (LA-AiP), and has made feature presentations on capacity building issues at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, USC’s Marshall and Public Policy Schools, Community Partners, and the William Morris Endeavor Foundation.