Philanthropology works with key partners to bring the latest fundraising tools and expertise to our clients:



Our Back Office service is built on the robust NationBuilder platform. We work with our clients to migrate their data to this exciting and easy-to-use donor management system.

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Our technology partner, Outreach lives where branding, design, and function meet.

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ScaleFunder takes crowdfunding beyond the individual. A fundraising platform designed specifically for institutions, it allows colleges, universities, cultural institutions, etc., to harness the growing phenomenon of crowdfunding by accepting micro-donations toward a larger fundraising goal while creating community engagement in the process.

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Our data partner, iWave, is a proven asset for fundraising efforts of any size. From MIT to Doctors Without Borders, they have assisted thousands of organizations in the US, Canada, and overseas. Prospect Research Online (PRO) is the leading one-stop-shop created solely for education, healthcare and nonprofit organizations to assist in fundraising research.

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